Saturday, August 8, 2009

Open Source Eee PCs in October, Chrome OS Netbooks

Awesome news from Engadget about the open source future of the next generation of Eee PCs. Their 'spies' have uncovered information that the first Moblin-running Eee netbooks will be in stores come October. Asus, the Eee PC manufacturer, is apparently considering making open source OSes an option for all their netbooks in the future.

This would save consumers who dislike Windows products a bundle of money. A free operating system cuts down on cost substantially, and will give all of us a much greater choice in our future purchases. With any luck, other netbook manufacturers will take Asus's lead and start offering open source versions of their products as well.

That's not all the good news, though. Apparently Asus is working with Google to put out a Chrome OS netbook sometime in the near to immediate future. Fans of open source software had better keep their fingers crossed and a few hundred bucks stashed away so that they're ready for release. Whenever that ends up being.

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